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5. May Blueberry Low Blood Pressure

Blueberries have significant benefits for people with high blood pressure, which is a major risk factor for heart disease.

In an eight-week study, people who were overweight were at higher risk for developing heart disease after using 50 gm of blueberries daily (18) and reduced blood pressure to 4 to 6%.


Other studies have shown similar effects - especially for postemenopause females (19, 20).


Regular Studies Bilberry Intake is associated with low blood pressure in many studies.

6. Blueberry can prevent heart disease

By eating blueberries, LDL cholesterol’s blood pressure and oxidation may be less. Note that these are the risk factors - not actual diseases.


It would be great to know whether blueberries help to prevent difficult obstacles like heart attack, which is the main cause of death in the world (21).

93,600 nurses have found that the main antioxidant in blueberry - 32% less heart attack than those with the least intake (22) among the most consumed in the population of Antoniosin.


Since this is an inspection study, it does not show that anthocene alone causes the risk reduction.

Before emphasizing the claims, further study is needed.


Some evidence suggests that eating rich fruits in anthropogenic like blueberry - is associated with less risk of heart attack.


7. Blueberry can maintain brain function and improve memory

Oxidative stress boosts the brain’s aging process, which negatively affects the brain function.


According to animal studies, antioxidants in Blueberry can affect the areas of the brain, which is essential for intelligence (23, 24).

They absorb the aging neuron and thus improve signaling transmission.

Human studies have also achieved promising results.

In one of these studies, nine elderly adults with mild cognitive impairment receive daily blueberry juice. After 12 weeks, he experienced improvement in many of the brain’s work markers (25).


A six-year study of more than 16,000 older people found that blueberries and strawberries were associated with aging for 2.5 years (26).


With the help of antioxidant brain work and mental depression delay in Blueberries, your brain benefits.


8. Blueberry Anthocene can cause anti-diabetes mellitus

Blueberry provides a moderate level of sugar compared to other fruits.

One cup (148 grams) contains 15 grams of sugar, which is suitable for small apples or large orange (1).


However, there is blood sugar control when bioactive compounds in blueberries are more effective than the negative effects of sugar.

Research has shown that the sensitivity of anthocene insulin and glucose is favorably affecting the blueberry metabolism. The effects of this anti-diabetes occurs with blueberry juice and extract (27, 28, 29).


In the study of 32 obese patients with insulin resistance, two improvements in daily blueberry-easier insulin sensitivity significantly improved (30).

Better insulin sensitivity reduces the risk of metabolic syndrome and type 2 diabetes, which is currently the world’s two biggest health problems.

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